The new year has arrived and my latest novel, Second Chance Cinderella, is in stores now!  Woo hoo!

Second Chance Cinderella is a reunion romance and the first book of my Victorian-era trilogy set in 1840's England.  Years have come and gone since childhood sweethearts, Sam Blackstone and Rose Smith, were separated by tragedy, but an unexpected sighting in a busy London street gives them a second chance at love and faith.  Here's a teaser:

Second Chance Cinderella"I'll Wait for You Forever." 

Heartbroken when her childhood love never returned, Rose Smith soon learned she had even greater worries—she carried his child. Ten years later as a housemaid in London, she encounters Samuel Blackstone. The kind youth she adored has turned bitter with success. Feeling out of place in Sam's high-society world, Rose fears what he may do when he learns of their son…. 

A wealthy stockbroker, Sam is used to getting what he wants. And when he learns that Rose bore him a son, he wants to claim his family. But he'll have to convince Rose to trust him again if he's to have any hope of meeting the boy…or recapturing her heart.

At the moment, I’m excited to be working on a sequel.  I don’t have an official title yet, but the story features Jake Winters, whom you might know from Second Chance Cinderella as Sam’s best friend and Stark, Winters and Blackstone’s real estate tycoon.  Due to the cruelty of his first love, Jake harbors a deep dislike for the gentry.   He’s met his match in Miss Ivy Wells, the daughter of an impoverished baron who refuses to relinquish her ancestral home to a London upstart even if he is the most compelling man she’s ever met.

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